Nutritionists have long known that Rosecoco beans are rich in protein and minerals; vital healthy, vibrant lifestyle. Inspired by this knowledge, we have preserved this natural richness and nutrition, right from harvest to your home. So that with each serving, you enjoy a taste of healthy goodness.




Ndengu has long been regarded as a valuable source of protein and energy, growing healthy families for generations. It is this wholesome nutrition that we seek to preserve right from harvest to packaging; assuring you that your delicious meals will always have a touch of healthy goodness.





Our ancestors lovingly passed down the benefits of Njahi through the ages; enabling communities to flourish and leaving a legacy of health, because it is rich in iron and many other wholesome nutrients. We have packed this very same natural nourishment, ready for you to enjoy healthy servings of healthy goodness.


Basmati rice is famed for its tantalizing aroma and slender long grains that stay light and fluy when cooked. Our premium Basmati rice is imported from farmers who have passed down their legendary methods from one generation to another. We package only the very best to ensure every meal is filled with tasty healthy goodness.




Grown in the paddy fields of scenic Mwea, our long grained aromatic Pishori rice has a rich flavor that is distinctive yet delicate. Because we carefully select and package each grain to ensure it meets our precise standards, you can be sure of versatile rice that will absorb each flavor and elevate every dish with the taste of healthy goodness.