Fugo Layers provides the right nutrients at each stage of the bird’s development to ensure strong bone structure giving the bird a longer laying period, sustained peak and high quality eggs with strong shells and yellow yolk.


Fugo Broilers is a complete source of nutrition for broilers that provides required nutrients for proper bone development, enabling faster weight gain for early slaughter with excellent meat quality.


Fugo cattle feeds are a complete source of nutrition for dairy animals throughout their life cycle which optimise production by helping animals achieve breeding weight faster, and reducing heifer rearing costs. Dairy Meal maintains high sustained milk production in cows; Maxi-Milk boosts production significantly in higher yielding breeds.


Fugo pig feeds are a complete source of nutrition that sets a firm foundation for piglets by enhancing the development of the stomach in readiness for a solid diet after weaning. The feeds are also formulated to give good quality products – whether pork or bacon, and facilitates faster attainment of market weight thus maximising profits.