Unga Group  partners with the communities in which we operate to assist their needy and vulnerable members.

We do this through our philosophy of “Connecting to Grow”, which we express in our acronym UNITEe (UNganisha TukuE). In other words not only do we connect with our community, but also with one another.

We have adopted a systematic and sustainable approach; focusing on the girl child and integrating some of the PaTaMu pillars into the CSR programme.

Key to the girl’s development is literacy, the core of our current CSR programme. All the projects have the underlying purpose of using the revenue generated from the sale of excess production to sponsor the education of academically suitable needy girls; it is our ultimate hope that some of the young women will become Unga employees.

Additionally, our employees share the disciplines of 6K (Kuchagua, Kupanga, Kusafisha, Kusanifisha, Kudumisha and Kusitirisha), and SHE (Safety, Health andand Environment) for Fire Safety and First Aid. These provide valuable life skills to the students which they can also use in their various interactions. In addition, the head teachers and teaching faculty utilise the PaTaMu methodologies to improve the running of their institutions.

The CSR projects are driven from the individual plants and the central administration office. As a result of their full participation in the CSR initiatives, employees have developed new skills, whilst enhancing their motivation as well as strengthening commitment.

The school-based projects are funded by cash earned from site team performance against the previous period goals and they follow this sequence:

  • Identify a girls or mixed public secondary school
  • Identify the income generating project, synergistic with Unga’s business
  • Introduce safety, health and environmental awareness
  • Start the project
  • Generate cash for other projects, such as sponsoring needy girls
  • Identify a partner to provide needed resources – equipment, people, advice, money
  • Hand over the project to its owners