Unga Farm Care (EA) Limited commands a significant share of the tick control market in Kenya with the acaricide brands Almatix and Vectocid. Levoxy and Nemazole are known for their high efficacy in worm management in livestock, whilst Veriben and Veridium are category leaders in the management of Nagana (Trypanosomiasis) in cattle.

Butaline is a highly effective treatment and safe injection for East Coast Fever(ECF) at all stages of infection.

Vetrimoxin is an antibiotic used for treatment of respiratory diseases due to gram positive bacteria, treatment of metritis and mastitis.

Tenaline is also an antibiotic used for prevention and treatment of disease due to bacteria and other micro organisms, respiratory diseases, foot diseases and infectious kerato conjunctivitis.

Enzrapost is a synchronisation hormone used for treatment of uterus and vaginal infections (metritis), silent heat, used to induce parturition and regression of the corpus luteum.


Trisol is a soluble multivitamin and electrolyte powder with essential amino acids to combat stress, assist recovery from diseases and boost immunity in poultry.

Vetacox is an antibiotic for poultry that is used to combat coccidiosis.

Cevamune is a soluble tablet that combines both the roles of chlorine neutraliser and colouring agent. This is vital for performing proper vaccination via drinking water.

Vigosine is a nutritional supplement used to restore metabolic functions in acute disorders such as heat stroke, prevention of stress due to debeaking, change of feed, sudden death (flip over disease), loss of appetite, late growth and elimination of metabolic waste and fatty acids in poultry.

Cevac poultry vaccines offer a broad range of disease protection which includes:

  • Cevac IBDL and Gumbo L used for vaccination against Gumboro disease.
  • Cevac FPL used for vaccination against Fowl Pox disease.
  • Cevac NEW L used for vaccination against Newcastle disease.
  • Cevac BIL used for vaccination against Newcastle & Infectious Bronchitis diseases.


  • Nemazole and Levoxy are registered trademarks of Unga Farm Care (EA) Limited.
  • Almatix is a registered trademark of Almandine Corporation. Unga Farm Care (EA) Limited is the sole distributor of the product in Kenya.
  • Vectocid, Veriben, Veridium, Butaline, Vetrimoxin, Tenaline, Enzrapost, Vetacox, Cevamune, Vigosine and Cevac are registered trademarks of Ceva Sante Animale. Unga Farm Care (EA) Limited is a distributor and marketer of the products in Kenya.
  • Trisol is a registered trademark of Trouw Nutrition GB. Unga Farm Care (EA) Limited is the sole distributor of the product in Kenya.